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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have a Plumbing Emergency after hours?
Emergencies after hours can be a simple, turn off the mains water to a burst pipe and contact us in the next morning to save costly emergency call-out fees after hours.

There are many types of emergencies, if you do require our team please call our direct mobile number: 0412 290 762 & we can assist you further.

I have no hot water, what has happened? Can you help?
There can be so many reasons for not having hot water. The first process is to always check the power or gas supply. Second is to visually inspect the hot water system for leaks present. After this, we suggest you call our team to book an appointment.
Our water is not clear, how do I get the impurities out of the tap water?

Water filters to the whole house to just to a kitchen sink can be installed. There are multiple filters to suit your budgets. Basic twin filter under sink mounted with separate water tap starts at $660 supply and installation.

The Hot Water Cylinder is leaking, is this an emergency? Can you help?

A leaking hot water cylinder generally means you need a new replacement hot water system. Turn the water supply off and once de-pressurized the tank will stop leaking. After this, please call to book an appointment.

The water pressure is too low, what does this mean and can you help?

Low water pressure can be from multiple issues. A simple fix may be just isolated at one tap only and simple removal of aerator may just work. Generally, it will be a pressure reduction valve blocked or failed to cause the whole premises to have low pressure. This must be inspected a qualified plumber. Please call for an appointment)

There is a leak in my house and I don't know what from, am I able to get a plumber in?

Water leaks may not always be obvious and costly water bills soon follow. First, always check your water meter to inspect for a sign of movement to water meter while no water is known in use. Once determined if a leak is present then visually inspect all areas of your property for signs of leaks from toilet bowls internally to hot water systems dripping. After this call us to book an appointment.

The toilet is blocked and I've tried to use a plunger but I think its worse, can you help?

Blocked toilets can happen and sometimes it’s just a paper blockage because of water-saving fixtures and thicker papers been used. First attempt for you to save money is an attempt to plunger a blockage. After this call us for our specialized cleaning equipment.

I smell gas, what does that mean?

Gas is dangerous and if every smell gas do not attempt to repair yourself. Always isolate at source weather that being the gas storage bottles or at the meter/meters. Call us straight away.

Can I replace my electric hot water unit with like for like unit?
Firstly we must call the gas network retailer on 1800 007 427 and if the retailer can provide you with a free natural gas meter to you property, legislation that’s been introduced to phase out electric hot water systems. Then you must replace your electric hot water unit with a 5 star in doing your bit for our countries sustainability.

Rebates have been introduced from the States and Federal governments. Yours choices are 5 star gas storage or gas continuous flow ( systems are great options, along with heat pumps and solar hot water units.

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